Saturday, October 17, 2009


Hmm... my first post since the 30th of July.
What a very bad girl I am!
Ah well, sorry for abandoning my blog for such a very long time. :)

To make up for it, here is the post that I promised several months ago!
Every knitter has one, however small/large. (Crocheters as well I assume!)
So post your stash... if you aren't too embarrased! (We yarn lovers must be related to packrats!) ;)

Some strait forward, brown and black. These are great for making my super easy fingerless gloves. If you can knit a scarf (or sort of knit a scarf) then you can knit these gloves!! All you do is knit a rectangle, and then sew it up around your arm and hand, leaving a hole for the thumb! It is truely that easy. :)

Some scratchy burgundy yarn I use for washcloths
Also in green... :)

Navy and silver Simply Soft. Don't EVER, and I mean EVER buy Simply Soft. I have spent over 8 hours collectively untangleing Simply Soft yarn. (I was knitting these two colors together as a scarf for my brother Austin. And I'm a very determined person!!)

Variegated shades of navy sock yarn. (No, I can't knit socks... and don't ask me what I was trying to accomplish here. It's to painful to recall. Lol.)

Some nifty green novelty yarn

Nifty BLUE novelty yarn. :)


I know what you're thinking. "Ya didn't learn your lesson the first time did ya?" Bought more Simply Soft eh? Well no. I did however learn ANOTHER lesson. Never buy more than you need for ONE project of any one certain brand of yarn. Because you might not like it. And then you're stuck with skeins and skeins of it. I bought enough all at once for a scarf for my brother, mother, and father. That's six skeins of the evil stuff. Bleh.

Some pretty Boulce that my dear cousin Madison gave me for Christmas. This is just the remains... I already knit a scarf out of it! :)

Some super soft baby yarn. And no, I didn't really learn that whole lesson about buying too much yarn all at once. I bought two pink and two blue skeins of this yarn, and while I love it, at the time, I didn't realize how much it cost. (I thought it was on sale when I picked it up.) It was $8 a skein. Haha. Yeah. So I payed $32 for 4 skeins of yarn. I have learned my lesson. (The reason I didn't realize at the register, was that my mother was paying for everything at once, and I was to pay her back for my things. She had many other purchases, and didn't notice the huge amount difference!)

Some of the same type of baby yarn given to me, once again by my wonderful cousin Madison!

A hogpoge of yarns... the blue chinelle was the first yarn I ever bought. Yet another stupid mistake... I absoluetly DESPISE chinelle! (Thus it never being used...) The purple is the remains of the Klutz yarn that came with the book. (I highly recommend the Klutz knitting kit. It's got everything you need, and the instructions are very good.) (Of course, my aunt taught me, but this helped when she wasn't around to lend me a hand!) And the smokey grey/black is from the bear I knit! (See next picture.)

Smokey the bear!! I STILL haven't stuffed him though. Sorry for the bad lighting.

Smokey's face. (Minus the eyes... still haven't gotten around to those!)

Smokey's cute lil' ear. These are so much fun to make!! If you ever need a good ear pattern for anything, ask me!

Yeaaah... so that's about half of my stash. Some of my yarn is hidden in the depths of my house somewhere, (Terrible, unruely yarn... shame on it!) and the rest I didn't bother to photograph because it was so much like some of these, or I just forgot.

So, tell me... am I the only one? Or are there others like me out there?

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  1. I don't knit very much because I get bored of it and never finish anything. =(